Window Views

Consider what residents will see when they look out the window. To the extent possible orient the most used rooms to the best views.

Large windows on either side of a fireplace frame pleasant views of the courtyard and the neighboring buildings. 
(Parkview Commons)

Windows throughout this Oakland development have views of this lively, well-designed courtyard. 
(HismenHin-nu Terrace)

The projecting bays in this Chicago townhouse development provide a special place to look out at the neighborhood or to let indoor plants take advantage of the ample sunlight. 
(West Town II)

Properly placed windows can often frame spectacular views. 
(Charlestown Navy Yard Rowhouses)

Courtyard plans, such as this one in Boston, have a built-in ability to provide a pleasant, well-designed "view" for their residents. 
(Langham Court)