Daylight and Ventilation

Access to natural light in all bedrooms and the living room is essential and cross ventilation throughout the unit is encouraged. Consider layouts that allow natural light to the kitchen and allow the natural ventilation and lighting of bathrooms.

The dining room and the kitchen in this Sacramento townhouse are flooded with daylight. 
(Southside Park Co-housing)

Generous windows light up the living room of this San Francisco townhouse. 
(Parkview Commons)

This San Jose bedroom benefits from large, operable windows for light and ventilation. 
(YWCA Villa Nueva)

Bay windows not only provide extra floor space, they increase the surface area available for windows, thereby increasing access to daylight. 
(555 Ellis Street)

Ample windows light living spaces and stairwells in this Seattle townhouse. They also provide direct access to daylight and natural ventilation in the kitchen. 
(Cascade Court Apartments)

The kitchen/dining area of this Boston townhouse benefits from a large number and variety of windows. The upper level, clerestory windows not only provide additional daylight, they allow the view to be maintained as residents move up and down the stairs. 
(Charlestown Navy Yard Rowhouses)