9 Design Considerations

Welcome to the 9 Design Elements Checklist - one of the core components of the Affordable Housing Design Advisor.

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The Checklist was created to ensure that key issues - those with the greatest potential to impact design quality - are considered from the earliest phases of the development process and that no opportunities for achieving design excellence are overlooked.

The Checklist contains over 60 key "Design Considerations" that have been organized into nine major categories. For each, you'll see a short description plus a series of drawings or photos illustrating the key concepts. All the illustrations are drawn from "real world" affordable housing projects from around the country and, if you click on the project name, you can go directly to a more complete description of the project in the Gallery section.

Visit the Checklist early and often. It can help at any stage of the development process: from early conceptual thinking and context analysis through participatory planning and schematic design. It can also be a fun place to browse. The result will be a better understanding of what makes up good design and the ability to put this knowledge to work on your own projects.

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