Front Doors

Pay careful attention to the design and detailing of front doors. Consider what the front doors convey about the quality of the project and its residents. To the extent possible, respect the placement and detailing of good quality front doors in neighboring homes.

Images and Captions:

Painting the front doors a strong accent color was a simple way to add variety to these single-family homes in Washington state. Note how the color scheme is continued in the frames around the windows. 
(OPAL Commons)

Trellises identify, and will eventually shade, the front doors of this Davis, California development. 
(Tuscany Villas/Villa Calabria)

A full-height opening in the street-wall, niches at the inside corners of the second floor bays, and a roof-shaped glass awning clearly define the front entrance to this apartment building in San Francisco.
(555 Ellis Street)

A large overhanging gable and accent color creates strong identity at the entry to this Boulder, Colorado townhouse. 

Recesses at the ground level and overhanging bays above clearly define and provide shelter for the front doors of these Chicago infill townhouses. 
(West Town II)

Simple overhangs can be an effective way to identify and protect the front entrance. Note how the overhangs in this Chicago housing match the color of the door, the roof and the band of brick that runs across the building façade. 
(West Town Cluster Housing)

The front stoops of these Albany, New York townhouses provide areas where the residents can provide their own decorations and plants.
(Catherine Street)