Lucretia Gardens and Julian Street


San Jose , CA
United States
37° 20' 21.7896" N, 121° 53' 41.8416" W
California US

Located on two sites, one urban infill, the other a suburban site bordering recreational park land, this was the first public housing for families in Santa Clara County. The 25 units were divided into nine apartments on Julian Street and 16 on Lucretia Avenue. The Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara's (HACSC) decision to build on two sites stemmed from the opposition of the council person from the Lucretia Gardens site to an overconcentration of families with low incomes. The neighbors at Julian Street were supportive because the site was a vacant lot used as a dump. Although a newly elected council person opposed the housing after it was approved, strong support from the mayor and the rest of the council enabled the housing to be built. Each unit has a semi-private front porch, a private back patio, and shares a common open space. Architect Bob Herman noted, "A simple site plan, combined with carefully articulated building elevations can create a dignified yet economical place to live.

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