Lee Goodwin Residence


Bronx , NY
United States
40° 50' 13.38" N, 73° 51' 55.548" W
New York US

Lee Goodwin Residence houses formerly homeless women and children in two formerly vacant, city-owned, five-story buildings on Prospect Avenue. The goal of the owner/sponsor, Phipps Houses, is to raise both new hope and new housing in the Bronx. Architect Conrad Levenson noted that the reuse of the buildings preserved the neighborhood scale and the density, which would not be allowed in new construction. A social service program providing parenting workshops and other needed assistance, is run by Women in Need. The combination in one facility of 28 transitional units and 13 permanent units with support services departed from the usual approach to housing homeless families. Four of the transitional units were designed with the living/dining and kitchen areas to be shared by two single-parent families. An unusual feature was two "swing" bedrooms that can be included in adjoining apartments to accomodate larger families . These last two features have had mixed success. Compatibility of families sharing units is unpredictable, and the flexibility of the swing bedrooms only works when adjacent apartments are vacant at the same time. A palette of bright colors was used on the interior for decorative glazed tiles, painted walls, and doors; each floor has its own color scheme. In addition to a variety of spaces that serve residents' needs, neighborhood businesses, such as a dentist office, a pharmacy, and retail shops, contribute to the economic stability of the building and the neighborhood.

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