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Good Neighbors: Affordable Family Housing

Good Neighbors: Affordable Family Housing The bulk of the case studies used throughout this site and in the Gallery of High Quality Affordable Housing were originally published in Good Neighbors: Affordable Family Housing, the first book of its kind to focus on design quality in affordable housing. A glossy, 270 page "coffee table" book, Good Neighbors was first published in Australia by The Images Publishing Group and subsequently in North America by The McGraw-Hill Companies. Grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Institute of Architects supported development of the book and a companion slide collection.

Authors Michael Pyatok, Tom Jones and Willie Pettus intended the book to be a testament to the ability of communities across the U.S. to build excellent affordable housing using creative vision, perseverance, and scarce resources. Good Neighbors succeeds, providing an engaging and visually rich survey of outstanding affordable family housing developments.

In addition to the case study developments reproduced here in the Gallery, Good Neighbors also provides over 60 pages of commentary and discussion, including: a brief history of affordable housing in the U.S.; a review of "who lives in affordable housing," including a series of resident profiles from across the country; descriptions of the factors influencing affordable housing design; a clear explanation of the design process and how to work with architects; and a review of the policy, finance and regulatory issues that impact affordable housing delivery.

A major theme of the book is achieving compatibility with existing neighborhood conditions while providing contemporary housing at higher densities. The book makes a strong case that at every level, from the neighborhood and site plans, to the dwelling layout, well-designed affordable housing creates pride of place for residents and reinforces pride among neighbors.

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The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd
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The McGraw-Hill Companies
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